I took VAC using spirthack

It’s been since days since you got banned. Meantime, a lot of things may have happened:
There could be an OW bans who turned itself into a VAC ban after a short amount of time (eg last week I played a few games with a polish guy, we’ve told him that he’s really good & asked him if he’s whether cheating or not but he said “no” ; after 2 days he got an OW ban and when I rechecked his steam profile, after 2 hours if I still remember correctly, the OW ban turned itself into a VAC ban.
And let’s not forget about VACnet, their AI software that is known to monitorize every move of a player (without scanning their game files) which might also trigger VAC bans in some cases.
Here are all my prime accounts (obviously in good standing & I’m using spirthack everyday, so in my opinion the cheat is fully undetected)

Hi, we do not currently think this is from our cheat, it can be caused by:

  • Another software
  • Extremely low trust factor for a long period of time
  • Being overwatch banned, and after some days it turning into a VAC
  • VACNet

If a cheat is really detected, its whole user-base will be simultaneously banned.

Any other questions or issues?

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