What I think of the cheat.

This is my opinion of the cheat and the previous cheats haved used were OTC, Ratpoison, Aimware on a friends computer, OT on a friends computer and inuinaira or however you spell it on a friends computer. Also one final thing is to note I am not a professional cheater so I will speak as a average consumer.

Legit Bot 9/10: This is the best legit bot I have ever played with so far. Its better than cheats 4 times its price range. The only two problems I have with it is the detection rate (Mine has not been detected yet but I’ve heard a lot of complaints that said it gets detected pretty often so just take this with a pinch of salt. The second problem I had with the legit cheat is sometimes my game sensitivity becomes extremely low or extremely high for a bit and it is a big disadvantage however this doesn’t happen often. Apart from those two it is an insanely good legit cheat. I really like the auto configuration and all the nice elements to the cheat.

Trigger bot 10/10: It is a trigger bot and does its job perfectly. Nothing much else to say about it honestly. You can ajust the time before the trigger bot shoots in between shots so thats nice.

Rage cheat 4/10: To be honest the rage cheat is the worst aspect of this hack. It can still outperform most free cheats (with the exceptions of cracked cheats) however when you go against cheats such as aimware or even fatality, It kinda lacks. However in the forums they say they will work on making it better so it can get better in the future!

Legit anti-aim and anti-aim 6.5/10: To be honest I havent really tried out the legit anti aim so im mostly speaking for the rage anti-aim. The anti aim does work but I feel like it makes my shots shoot significantly slower but maybe thats just my imagination. Most rage cheats still hit the anti-aim but normal players will have a hard time hitting you so it does get the job done. But then again this is a legit cheat so you shouldn’t expect good rage XD.

Skin and profile changer 11/10: Dont wanna sound cliche with the 11/10 but this is just wonders for me. You can change anything from the gun skin, to the agent, to the music kits, open cases, set custom chances for cases and so much not to mention the fake prime, fake ranks, fake commends medals and literally everything. This is just so amazing and its one of the aspects of the cheat I love most.

Misc 9/10: The misk is pretty decent and it has nice features such as auo bhop and strafe, ranks revealers and OW revealers but where it really shines is the customizable clantag, The hilarious chat spammer, and the lobby features, name spammer, etc. It has some really smart and cool aspects and the developers are genious for coming up with them. I especially liked the callout chat spammer and the fake ping.

Extras 10/10: This cheat has alot of nice extras such as mini games to play while waiting for matches and a feature that allows you to reconnect to a match even if you abandoned it. Its also nice that your configs are saved to the cloud so you dont need any pesky download files. The mutual skin changes is really cool and unique however I feel like it makes my ping high.

Overall 10/10: Great cheat especially for the value. I have yet to see the detection rates but for now it will remain my main cheat. For sure is one of the best cheats. Great community and awesome support team.

If I missed any aspect of this cheat, please reply what it is and Ill do my best to review it. Cheers!

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Thank you for the concise review!

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