Where can i see the change log?

Where can i see the change log?

When you open the loader you will see the changelog.

but i dont have bought the cheat

So get the aimbot in the last 5 Month an update?

Then go look here https://forum.spirthack.me/c/announcements

And i dont know if it got

And if i change my wins medals… can all see that ingame or only in the lobby?

Thnaks i can see it :slight_smile:

It is only able to see it in lobby. Ingame its not possible, no cheat can.

i think so too but an supporter write that they see it ingame too… so i dont know

It isnt. Only for yourself but not for other if you mean that

hmm… okay… do you know if they fixed the aimbot? so my aimbot works but only for the first 5 secons and if i spray that i need to aim myself

It works fine for me tho :smiley:

Also you can see change logs in our discord channel