Why Hack doesnt' get updated?

Title says all I haven’t seen any update from hack. Will it get updated soon with new features?

The hack was updated around 26th for the latest CS:GO version. If you would like to get updated with new features and more. Join our discord which is discord.gg/FKNdqfM Let me know if you have any other issues or you can email me [email protected] - MrAmped, SpirtHack Staff.

I’m saying about the version 2.0 I never see any new update or feature added

Can you elaborate on this please? - MrAmped, SpirtHack Staff.

I would like to open the hack loader and see like new updates but I only see “version 2.0 - new cheat menu; new loader” i would like to see new updates to the hack, i’ve had it for a week and haven’t seen any updates

we just forgot to update changelog =)
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@Inserus Alternatively you may join our discord server if you have discord. We post our change logs their too. - MrAmped, SpirtHack Staff.